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Who we are


Your security. Your life. Your Money

Your success story starts with your security & safety.


To be the integrated security company trusted and chosen by the majority of customers in the business, commercial and industrial sectors and by business and professional residential customers.

Concept-one Group


 To make business and residential communities safer and more secure places to work, live, and play.
 To increase community awareness of real security issues.
 To inform and educate our customers on the security solutions available, so that they can make the best choices to meet their needs and provide them complete peace of mind.
Core values – at all times to deliver and ensure:
 Value
 Service and quality excellence
 Integrity and professionalism
 Continual improvement and innovation
 Professional development
 Social responsibility

Company Beginning

Comcept-one Group Security was established in 2015. The company began as a traditional professional business and consultancy with a focus on quality excellence, continual improvement, and innovation.
The extensive skills, knowledge, and experience we have gained over these years provide the solid foundation for the work we do today providing quality security products and services for industrial, commercial, residential, and government department customers in Kenya.

Innovation & Growth

We keep a close eye on industry innovation and work closely with industry professionals and suppliers to regularly review and expand the range of security solutions available to you, our customers. We have been able to further expand our product range and services with the acquisition of long-standing Key West Lock Service and Sales.
Expanding our product lines with acquisitions and new innovation enables us to provide you with the very latest in security developments and technology, supplied and installed by a company known for quality products and service excellence.
Today we provide solutions across the full spectrum of security products and services. This gives our customers confidence knowing they can deal with one integrated security firm that will achieve their optimum solution. We provide:
 Locksmith solutions (keys, locks, master keying, repairs, etc)
 Electronic security solutions (alarms, CCTV, surveillance, access control, etc)
 Security products (padlocks, safes, door hardware, chains, etc)

Value for Money & Peace of Mind

We have a reputation for value and product and service excellence. When you deal with us you can feel confident that you are dealing with an experienced and reputable company at the forefront of the security industry.

We work with suppliers to monitor industry-wide best practice solutions, innovations, and market benefits. This means
we can deliver high integrity, peace of mind, and better long-term solutions for all customers who depend on us for a trusted and safe solution to security challenges.

Professional Memberships

 Corporate member of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce
 Business member of the Kenya Private Security Alliance
 Preferred Supplier under the Kenya Manufacturers & Suppliers Kenya Ltd

Concept-one Group Security is a privately owned Kenyan company. Strong management support and structure allow us to focus on what we do best – consistently deliver excellent product and service solutions to you, the customer.

Products & Services

We supply a full range of security products across the security spectrum.
Our products range from simple deterrents to commercial-grade security products and even high-risk
industrial and government security solutions.
We stock and supply only quality products that provide superior value for money.
We continually evaluate the products that we use to ensure the ideal balance between industry trends, product innovation, and quality. Your security is our priority.

Our products and services include:

Locksmith Services

  • Locked out – emergency gain entry
  • Key cutting, key duplication, key replacement
  • Locks and padlocks rekeyed, keyed alike, restricted keyed
  • Design of master key system
  • Maintenance of master key system
  • Building of locks and padlocks
  • Safe installation, opening, and repairs
  • Repairs, replacement, maintenance, installation

Alarm, CCTV & Access Control Systems

  • Design of alarm, CCTV access control systems
  • Installation and maintenance
  • System upgrades
  • Monitoring and notification and/or guard response
  • Integration to computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • Integration with electronic locks, intercom, CCTV, or security office

Security Products

  • Key storage and management
  • Safety Lock-out / tag-out
  • Alarms
  • CCTV and Cameras (IP, PTZ, infrared, and motion detecting)
  • DVRs,
  • NVRs and recorders
  • Access Control
  • IP and video intercoms
  • Chains and anchor points
  • Door and window locks and hardware
  • Other specialized products and accessories
  • Locks & Keys
  • padlocks
  • Safes

Our Team

Mr.Charles Muhia

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

We are today because of our trusted customers. We have plans to continue boosting the security sector and elevate the safety status in the region.

We live in a world where the threats we face mutate every day; an era where the only constant is change. Once upon a time, having a security officer at your gate and a few pieces of broken glass jutting out of your perimeter wall was sufficient to keep your family safe. Those days are behind us now.

Mr.Charles Muhia has a rich professional past in the security and commercial sector. In this review, we will restrict ourselves to his professional past as a security professional. Charles saw the gaping gaps in the security sector in late 2009 and immediately sought to find solutions. Having worked in various sectors with considerable success, he carried out a quick survey of the market then and opted to buy GBB ( Guard Base Bureau) from Itere Mathew, a former commissioner of police), American investor and a former director of operations. The sale which settled at Kshs. 35,000,000.00, was a heavy investment at the time that only successful professionals with high standing could afford.

Our Beginning

Within the same year, GBB, through the rigorous management skills of Mr. Muhia, began to secure contracts with both public and private companies. Some of the organizations that signed contracts with GBB through his tenure as the CEO include; Nairobi Primary School, Windsor Golf Club, Windsor High-end Estate, YWCA, Kenya Headteachers Association, GOK (State House contracts), UN, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We offered a range of products, from dog sniffing, VIP security, dog training, CCTV installation, and Alarm systems, to Access controls.

Other contracts include KEMRI in Kericho, Kaisugus, all KEMRI centers, and others. Our services included CCTVs, security system audits, biometric systems, security software, and firewalls.

Services we offered as GBB

  • Security training to company policymakers, management level, and junior staff
  • Security Audit to Whitesands, Kenya Railways, Kenya Ports Authority
  • Installed Software security systems
  • Guarding of properties and Homes
  • Offering security to Events and functions, for both private and public sectors in collaboration with Wells Fargo
  • Installed security Surveillance systems
  • Did dog training and sniffing exercises
  • Installed alarm systems and backups

In a nutshell, Concept-one Group is just the spirit of GBB reincarnated through the able hands of Charles Muhia, the current CEO.